Position and Latch

Latching your baby shouldn't be painful. Learn strategies and techniques for how to position your baby for a deeper latch.

Pumping and Bottle Feeding

Being pro-breast/chestfeeding does not mean you need to be anti pumping and bottle feeding, regardless of if your breast milk or formula is in the bottle.

Learn strategies and techniques to increase, maintain, or wean your supply as well as how and when to introduce a bottle.

Feel supported in however you choose to feed your baby with evidence based research and compassionate, non-judgmental care.


Topics include nutrition and hydration, caffeine and alcohol as well as medication safety in your milk.

Lactation Issues

Plugged ducts, nipple damage, mastitis, and thrush are all common concerns to new parents. Step-by-step videos and handouts will help prevent the most common lactation issues as well as protocols to help manage them when they happen.


Learn all the essentials about breast milk. How to know if baby is getting enough of it. How to store it. How to make more or less of it.

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