What is a tongue tie?

Learn about the anatomy and physiology of the tongue and how it impacts feeding, swallowing, sleeping, breathing, and speech.

Who can assess for a tie?

Most pediatricians are not trained in assessing for tongue and lip tie. If a health care provider only looked in your baby's mouth without actually doing a full hands on assessment, they did not actually assess your baby for a tie. Being able to briefly stick their tongue out also does not tell you if baby is tied or not. This course breaks down exactly how an assessment should be done with step by step videos and tutorials. It empowers you to know what signs and symptoms your baby is having to help you find the right providers in your area to get the help you deserve.


Discover the various symptoms that can help point back to wether or not your baby has ties impacting their feeding.


Learn how to do simple oral motor and body exercises to help improve baby's oral motor skills. These are great regardless of if you decide to have your baby's ties released. They can be done pre and post release.


Helpful hand outs and videos walk you through step by step for what to expect post release and how to get back to your feeding goals.

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  What are a tongue and lip tie?
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